星期三, 七月 12, 2006

English Traslation of "Terrorism and So-called Truth"

The smoke of explosives in the sub-way and public transport of London had been dispersed, what left is yet another inerasable dirty marking in the human culture. Since the event of plane hijacker collapsed the New York Twin Tower, terrorist attack in 21st century play and play again. The new millennium opened up a page of terror.

Such events were unimaginable in the 19th century. In the fast-moving 20th century, when the energy sources been over-mined, everything seemed possible, including being put in a sudden bombing scenario on a busy morning crowded train. Thus, we have entered a new time-space.

The way terrorism became issue had been under expert’s explanations, and they had made various useful suggestions, but when will the next attack occur is probably cannot be fore-tell in this era of many false prophets.

No matter how strongly the inhuman acts been accused, the so-called extreme heroes still going for their sacred death sentence, with all determinations, to perish with their enemies. So, to die for the Truth is not only slogan, but the sense of terrorists’ Truth is very problematic.

Some blamed the clash of culture as the culprit, such understanding is the same sort of problematic sense of Truth. Over-simplification to the contradictions of religious understanding is yet the more naïve. If all know Confucius’ idea of “harmony but different”, thing will not became so hardened. However those fanatics just do not have such transcendental wisdom.

Why is there such definition of Christian culture and Islam culture in the present worldview, as if there are two totally unassimilated areas? We know Christians’ God and Islam’s God can be discussed parallel fully. That is to the extend of recognize the same sacred texts. The problems lied not in religion but in human.

Of course, in this era of praising science and faith in science, everything calculable with formulas can still retain its’ high throne. But people are clear in the mean time that, there are non of the said methods to calculate Truth, scientific truth and religious Truth seemed like another kind of contradiction.

What is Truth? Such question is not totally unencounterable. Human being must admit humbly that man kind’s ability cannot grasp it; on the contrary, Truth always has us in control. Perhaps the abuse of the term Truth is too common, until its real face hidden, we must be very careful, to not be deceive by its false face.

The question of Truth had entangled human being for thousands of year, even the philosophers’ deep thought cannot solve it nicely. Human being like to jump into conclusion with the way of the blind touching the elephant, to tell they have got all while what they grasped is only a part. It can be right say that human being is just too arrogant, and the Truth would not surface.

What is the relation between Truth of Terror? Terrorism is non the less biased Truth, those soldiers who sacrificed for Truth must had been praying for their own faith, believing that their act will bring forward a more beautiful future world. Apparently they were wrong. Their acts not only left the history with the miserable scene of miss-recognized the Truth, but bring even more troubles.

There are still more factors contributed to situations today, but everyone know that the biggest problem had shown up. But, people are still reluctant to solve it sincerely, but let the seed of hatred keep growing up, and hence the revenge actions follow. To solve the problem of terrorism, we must work from the basic: let’s put our hand together, communicate truly, and let the world back to its peace.

To bring Truth out is not to say there is really Truth somewhere, Truth is difficult to understand by a positive way; put it in a negative context, the not-Truth is clearer. Laozi’s “the speaker do not know” is such.

(Published in 24 July 2005, Nanyang Siang Pau)